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Laboratory Mechanics


The laboratory for mechanical items and engineering is a partner to manufacturers of doors, gates, windows and fittings for doors, gates and windows as well as accessories. The range of services provided by the Mechanical Laboratory covers a wide portfolio and encompasses issues pertaining to security, product safety and long-term mechanical durability.


  • Durability tests

  • Testing of burglary resistance of building products

  • Single tests for hardware and locks

  • Smoke control tests

  • Corrosion resistance in the form of salt spray as well as sulphur dioxide tests


All kinds of shutters, e.g.

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Facades

  • Industrial doors and gates

  • Smoke control doors and shutters

  • Power operated industrial doors and gates

  • Burglar resistant shutters and suitable retrofit products

Hardware, e.g.

  • Locks

  • Emergency exit und panic exit devices

  • Hinges

  • Handle sets

  • Protective hardware

  • Profile cylinder

  • Hardware for windows, doors and gates

  • Fold & slide door hardware

  • Door closing devices

  • Power operated doors and industrial doors and gates


  • Quick statements on the natural ageing process of a closure with customary use in the form of opening and closing operations.

  • Covering all aspects of safety - active (safety of use) as well as passive (burglary resistance).

  • Burglar-resistant effect of a component with static, dynamic and manual testing and the ability to remain firmly fixed to the building.

  • Standardised determination of the leakage of cold and hot smoke from one side of a closure to the other.

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