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ift-tested Mark

Authentication as well as transparent and straight proofs of performance for ift-tested products



ID Identity Check

Please add your unique ID of your QR-Code into the search field.

Here you can

  • check the authenticity of a presented “ift-Nachweis” (with QR code) or
  • view the “ift-Nachweis” for each product/performance declared with the “ift-tested” mark


Therefore, please scan the QR code or enter the unique ID of the QR code in the search field.

Please note: The search is not fault-tolerant. Please pay attention to the correct spelling without error. If an error message occurs, please check your entry or contact the holder of the evidence.

What does „ift-tested“ stand for?

"ift-tested“ is an authenticity indicator for product performances assessed by ift Rosenheim. With the QR code scan or by entering the ID number, the relevant “ift-Nachweis“ (evidence) will be easily displayed – objective, genuine and reliable.

This „ift-Nachweis“ contains traceable further details to the performances declared in the „ift-tested“ mark, such as

  • Assessment criteria of testing or classification, i.e. standard/guideline as well as the number of the detailed test documentation/s
  • Exact value or class reached
  • Details for identification of the product assessed

The “ift-Nachweis” will be displayed on this non-proprietary website for “authentication” for a period of 10 years from the creation date in all language versions available.



The right of use for a „ift-tested“ mark may be acquired by every company that

  • Is the owner of a (new) „ift-Nachweis with QR code“, whose date of issue does not date back more than 5 years;
  • Has been registered as user of the ift-client portal;
  • Purchases a subscription for the use of the mark for a “Nachweis” in its client portal.


Since 2017, this new generation of „ift-Nachweise with QR code“ can be issued, if the relevant tests, calculations or the evaluations based upon them fulfill the following quality criteria:

  • They are based on published technical standards (standards, guidelines, or the like),
  • They were completely performed and recorded (a partial test is not sufficient),
  • These standards are at the current state of the art at the time of issuing the „ift-Nachweis”, and 
  • The product assessed has been represented/described in detail and with identifiable information in the test documentation. 


The user of the product marked with the ‘ift-tested’ mark can be assured that

  • The tested and indicated product characteristic are standard-compliant and are determined on basis of the current standard.

  • The documents and evidences are “real” (document of authenticity).

  • The evidences are transparent and accessible (listing onüft).

  • In case of reasonable doubt or hint of abuse (misappropriation), the “ift-tested” mark will be retested or even withdrawn (black list).

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