What is ift-Standard?


The mark ‘ift-Standard’confirms the compliance of the legal minimum requirements and check regularly. This includes the correct and standard-compliant compilation of the declaration of performance, CE marking, the classification report as well as the implementation of the  factory production control (FPC) required by building laws.
Thus, a standard-compliant and proper declaration of the CE mark on basis of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the corresponding products are monitored and confirmed.

The logo ‘ift-Standard’ contains the testing and surveillance of the evidences required by building laws (Type Test TT as test, calculation, etc.) according to the current product, classification and testing standards. In addition, it is also check whether the minimum legal requirements of the harmonised standard (hEN) are observed (CE marking, technical documentation, declaration of performance, etc.)

The logo ‘ift-Standard’ contains the initial inspection of the factory production control (FPC) required by CPR with following annual third-party control of the company. This refers to the technial documentation (test evidences and reports, processing and installation information, etc.), incoming goods, production (processes), complaint, personnel, test equipment, marking.

No surveillance of the products is made. Thus, no quality statement for products is made at this stage of certification.

The user of the product marked with the ‘ift-Standard’ logo can be assured that

  • all evidences and tests required by building laws are present and the minimum requirements are fulfilled
  • the documents and evidences are ‘real’ (documents of authenticity)
  • the evidences are transparent accessible (listing on www.ift-rosenheim.de/ift-qualitaetszeichen)
  • not only documents are controlled, but also the factory production control of the manufacturer is audited and regularly monitored
  • In case of reasonable doubt or hint of abuse (misappropriation), the ift-Standard mark will be retested or even withdrawn (black list).




Holder Quality level ID Category Product name
Sievers & Söhne GmbH ift-Standard 0757-CPR-191TA+TFF-7050296-1-1 Außentür in Fluchtwegen heroal D 65, heroal D 72
FRESAND GmbH ift-Standard 0757-CPR-191TH+TFF-7344131-2 Außentür in Fluchtwegen System VBH 68 HT R / VBH 78 HT R
FRESAND GmbH ift-Standard 0757-CPR-191TK+TFF-7344130-2 Kunststofftür System SCHÜCO CORONA CT 70 AS
FINSTRAL AG ift-Standard 191TK+TFF-7387840 Kunststofftür System Antipanik Haustüren FINSTRAL Kunststoff
Anders Metallbau GmbH ift-Standard 0757-CPR-181CE-9012064-4 Außentür in Fluchtwegen System Schüco ADS 65 (HD), ADS 70 (HI,HD), ADS 75 (SI, HD.HI)
Anders Metallbau GmbH ift-Standard 0757-CPR-181CE-9012064-3 Außentür in Fluchtwegen System SCHÜCO ADS 65.NI SP / ADS 65.NI FR 30 /ADS 80 FR 30 / ADS 80 FR 60 / ADS 90 BR / Firestop T90
Anders Metallbau GmbH ift-Standard 0757-CPR-181CE-9012064-1 Außentür in Fluchtwegen System SCHÜCO ADS 50 / ADS 60 / ADS 65 / ADS 65 HD / ADS 70.HI / ADS 70 HD / ADS 75.SI / ADS 75 HD.HI / ADS 90.SI
Anders Metallbau GmbH ift-Standard 0757-CPR-181CE-9012064-2 Außentür in Fluchtwegen System Janisol, Janisol 2, Janisol C4, Janisol HI
Anders Metallbau GmbH ift-Standard 0757-CPR-181CE-9012064-3 Außentür in Fluchtwegen System SCHÜCO ADS 65.NI SP / ADS 65.NI FR 30 /