What is ift-quality?


The ‘ift-quality’ mark ist a confirmation of increased product quality and usability according to a defined ift-product certification. The requirements on the usability and the durability for normal to above average load are placed and regularly monitored.
The aim is to define and ensure quality products that are suitable for the intended use and period.

The mark ‘ift-quality’ complies the requirements of the ‘ift-Standard’ (compliance and control of the miminum requirements required by building laws with the standard-compliant documents and factory production control). Additionally, the properties are defined, tested and regularly monitored that are relevant for the decent quality, security,functionality and durability of the products. The definition and test of the quality of the used components (glass, hardware, profiles, sealants, etc.) are part of it. These are usually above the normative and legal minimum requirements.

The quality control for windows and external doors include for example the testing of the mechanical durability with 15,000 opening and closing cycles an the mechanical strength as well as the regular testing of the air permeability and the watertightness on the production of the current production. This ensures that the manufacturer has the ability and the expertise to produce from good individual components quality windows.

The basis for the certification and the quality sign ‘ift-quality’ is a summary report for the defined and required product properties (ift-product passport, ift-system passport and/or RAL-system passport) that is listed on the ift-website (www.ift-rosenheim.de/ift-qualitaetszeichen).

The user of the product marked with the ‘ift-quality’ logo can be assured that

  • all evidences and tests required by building laws are present and the minimum requirements are fulfilled
  • the documents and evidences are ‘real’ (documents of authenticity)
  • the factory production control of the manufacturer is audited and regularly monitored
  • the evidences, product properties, quality characteristics and tests are listed transparent on the ift-website (www.ift-rosenheim.de/ift-qualitaetszeichen)
  • the product fulfills an increased product quality and usability and is regularly monitored
  • In case of reasonable doubt or hint of abuse (misappropriation), the ift-quality mark will be retested or even withdrawn (black list).

Companies that have the quality sign ‘ift-quality’



Holder Quality level ID Category Product name
Zinn Bauelemente GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK-7034182-1 Kunststofffenster VEKA Softline 82 AD
Südtirol Fenster GmbH ift-Qualität 191FH-7050451-1 Holzfenster IV 68 Genuis
Sievers & Söhne GmbH ift-Qualität 191TA+TFF-7050296-2 Aluminiumtür heroal D 72
Sievers & Söhne GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK-7050296-1 Kunststofffenster Veka Alphaline 90 MD, GEALAN S 8000 / S 8000 IQ plus
Sievers & Söhne GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK-7050296-3 Kunststofffenster VEKA Softline 70 AD, Softline 82 AD, Softline 82 MD
GAYKO Fenster-Türenwerk GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK+E-7011878-8 Kunststofffenster GAYKOLIFE V82 AD / VS82 AD
GAYKO Fenster-Türenwerk GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK+E-7011878-3 Angriffhemmende Bauteile GAYKOSafeGA 8000
GAYKO Fenster-Türenwerk GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK+E-7011878-2 Angriffhemmende Bauteile GAYKOSafeGA 5000
GAYKO Fenster-Türenwerk GmbH ift-Qualität 191TA+E-7011878-3 Aluminiumtür GAYKOGAT 901, GAYKOGAT 902
GAYKO Fenster-Türenwerk GmbH ift-Qualität 191TK+E-7011878-2 Kunststofftür GAYKOVISION V70 AD
GAYKO Fenster-Türenwerk GmbH ift-Qualität 191TK+E-7011878-4 Kunststofftür GAYKOLIFE V82 AD
GAYKO Fenster-Türenwerk GmbH ift-Qualität 191FA+E-7011878-3 Aluminiumfenster GAYKOAluline 901
FRESAND GmbH ift-Qualität 191FH-7344131-1 Holzfenster VBH 78
FRESAND GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK-7344130-1 Kunststofffenster CORONA CT 70-AS, CORONA SI 82 EuroLine
FRESAND GmbH ift-Qualität 191-TH+TFF-7344131-1 Holztür VBH 78 HT R
FRESAND GmbH ift-Qualität 191TK+TFF-7344130-1 Außentür in Fluchtwegen Schüco Corona CT 70 AS
FINSTRAL AG ift-Qualität 99-011 Qualitätsmanagement Qualitätsmanagementsystem EN ISO 9001: 2008
FINSTRAL AG ift-Qualität 191FK-7387847-1 Kunststofffenster Finstral System TOP90
FINSTRAL AG ift-Qualität 183-7387840-1 Montage Montage von Fenstern, Außentüren und Vorhangfassaden
FINSTRAL AG ift-Qualität 191FK-7387849-1 Kunststofffenster Finstral System TOP90, Finstral System TOP72
FINSTRAL AG ift-Qualität 191FK+E-7387844-1 Kunststofffenster Finstral System TOP90, Finstral System TOP72
FINSTRAL AG ift-Qualität 191TK+TFF-7387842-1 Kunststofftür Haustür "Finstral"
FINSTRAL AG ift-Qualität 191FK+E-7387841-1 Kunststofffenster Finstral System TOP90, Finstral System TOP72
FeBa-Fensterbau GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK+E-7035610-1 Kunststofffenster Novo Classic (Inoutic/Deceunick Elite-Arcade AD)
FeBa-Fensterbau GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK+E-7035610-5 Kunststofffenster NovoTherm (Inoutic/Deceunick Prestige AD)
FeBa-Fensterbau GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK+E-7035610-7 Kunststofffenster FeBa Novo Classic WK2, FeBa Novo Therm WK2, FeBa Novo Royal WK2
FeBa-Fensterbau GmbH ift-Qualität 191FK+E-7035610-6 Kunststofffenster FeBa Novo Classic RC2 / FeBa Novo Therm RC2
Anders Metallbau GmbH ift-Qualität 191FASS-9012064-1 Fassade FW 50+, FW 60+, FW 50+ AOS, FW 50+ AOT, FW 60+ AOS, FW 601+ AOT
Anders Metallbau GmbH ift-Qualität 191TA+TFF-9012064-1 Aluminiumtür Schüco ADS 65, Schüco ADS 70
Anders Metallbau GmbH ift-Qualität 191FA-9012064-1 Aluminiumfenster Schüco AWS 75 (in unterschiedlichen Systemvarianten)
ALPI Fenster GmbH ift-Qualität 191FH-7031994-1 Holzfenster I30, S30, SL30, E30