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ift-Montageplaner (ift-Installation Tool)


The professional installation of windows will be described in the "Guideline for installation of windows and external pedestrian doors (Montageleitfaden)" in detail, and there are a lot of suitable sealing and installation systems whose fitness for use has been verified by tests performed according to the ift-Guidelines MO-01/1 „Wall connection of windows" and MO-02/1 „MO-01/1 „Wall connection of windows - Part 2“ .

However, the implementation to specific installation situations and wall connections is still extensive. This is the starting point of the ift-Installation Tool, that was designed by ift Rosenheim in cooperation with Company Würth as a first pilot project.



ift-Installation Tool video tutorial




ift-Installation Tool

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Note to ift members

For ift members this service is free of charge. After calling the ift-reception under +49 8031 261-0 you will be connected to the official in charge. For verifying their membership, callers have to name their ift member number.




ift-Installation Tutorials 

Videos for the professional installation of windows can be found here.

Further Installation Tools



  • With only a few clicks the software allows a professional building-structural design of the wall connection of windows.
  • After the selection of the product (such as wall structure/material, window material/profile, sealing /fixing system) and the selection of the dimensions the wall connection will be calculated in real time and the absence of condensation will be verified.
  • All selectable products in the construction product database are tested and optional ift certified.



ift-installation documentation as a PDF-file


Target group

Assemblers, designers and installers



The development of the ift-Montageplaner and the integration of further sealing, fixing and window systems is an ongoing process. Interested manufacturers can directly contact the ift Rosenheim.


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