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Tests and Evidences under Building Law

ift Rosenheim is a notified body and admitted testing, certification and surveillance body by the construction supervising authority for wooden products. The high quality and acceptance of the evidences under building law of ift Rosenheim secure the recognition of the results for national approval, for approval of individual cases and for CE-marking throughout Europe.

ift Rosenheim tests wood according to the following standards:

EN 13420 - Windows - Behaviour between different climates - Test method
EN 13986 - Wood-based panels for use in construction - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking
EN 14257 - Wood adhesives - Determination of tensile strength of lap joints at elevated temperature
EN 204 - Classification of thermoplastic wood adhesives for non-structural applications
EN 205 - Wood adhesives for non-structural applications - Determination of tensile shear strength of lap joints
EN 927-1 - Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood - Part 1: Classification and selection
EN 927-6 - Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood - Part 6: Exposure of wood coatings to artificial weathering using fluorescent UV lamps and water
ETAG 002-3 - Guideline for European Technical Approval for Structural Sealant Glazing Systems - Part 3: Systems incorporating profiles with a thermal barrier
ift-Guideline FE-08/1 - Corner joints for wood windows
ift-Guideline HO-10/1 - Solid, finger-jointed and laminated profiles for timber windows
ift-Guideline - Testing of polyethylene assembly foam for mounting of door frames of internal doors made of wood and wood based panel products
ISO 1463 - Metallic and oxide coatings - Measurement of coating thickness - Microscopical method
ISO 2409 - Paints and varnishes - Cross-cut test
ISO 2810 - Natural weathering of coatings - Exposure and assessment
RAL-RG 426 - Part 1: Door leaves made of wood and wood-based panels
RAL-RG 426 - Part 2: Door frames made of wood and wood-based panels
RAL-RG 426 - Part 3: Damp and wet room doors
VFF Guidance Sheet HO.01 - Classification of coating for wooden windows and doors
VFF Guidance Sheet HO.03 - Requirements of coating systems for factory-made coating of wood windows and doors
VFF Guidance Sheet HO.06 - Timber types for window construction - Properties, timber types table

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