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Rosenheim Window & Facade Conference

The next Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference takes place from 10 to 12 October 2018 at the Kultur + Kongresszentrum Rosenheim.


No limits“ - that should be the chances for constructions, markets and technology - and that is what we will discuss with you at this year’s Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference. Two aspects are taking effect: For one thing, it is about the boundlessness in architecture, as architects and house owners often demand the impossible from us: the components are becoming ever larger, heavier, more complicated - and preferably even in anthracite. On the other hand, open markets allow trade barriers to be removed and technical rules to be harmonised.

Despite seemingly opposing tendencies such as the growing isolation against refugees in Europe, against potential new candidates for EU membership or an emerging global trade war with customs and import restrictions, ift Rosenheim remains optimistic and sees more opportunities than risks, because „limitlessness“ is an old longing of mankind.

In this sense, you can look forward to an extravagant facade project, which Dr.-Ing. Lutz Schöne (Leicht Structural engineering and specialist consulting GmbH) and Michael Freinberger (ift Rosenheim) will be presenting. We are also breaking new ground with the session Production 4.0, in which Dr. Christoph Pollak will present current approaches to digitization in discrete manufacturing.

We still believe in the power of harmonised rules, and that only the constant testing of boundaries and the challenge of making the impossible possible will help us move forward in free and fair competition. We are very happy, not to say „limitless“, to welcome you again in Rosenheim.


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