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Living rooms have to be ventilated for health and building-physical reasons. The hygienically necessary demand on fresh air has a standard value of approx. 30 m³/h per person. The structurally necessary ventilation must remove potential humidity to avoid condensation water formation and mould formation. The intensive interaction between heating system, ambient temperature and structural thermal insulation has to be considered.


During the last years, new airtight building constructions and altered ventilation habits led to a higher moisture content in the interiors and then to discussions on the necessary air changes as well as the limits of the manual window ventilation. Therefore, in the new DIN 1946-6:2009-12 ‘Ventilation technology – Part 6: Ventilation of Apartments‘ at least one user-independent air change for protection against moisture is demanded in Germany. This specification can be fulfilled by modern window ventilators, i.e. ventilation elements that are integrated in or at the window. In future, planning and implementation of ventilation concepts will be of great importance, specially for window modernization.


The ift-Guidelines LU-01/1 and LU-02/1 describe the specifications, planning, tenderings and the use of window ventilators.

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