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Technology Center


Today, time to market and flexibility are success factors. For ift Rosenheim that is to make test dates on a short-term basis, to minimize the installation effort and keep the number of tests low by an intelligent selection of test specimen.

Therefore, the technology center was errected with an investment of approx. EUR 7 million and on more than 3,000 m² gross floor as a modern test and research center for large-sized facades, doors, gates, windows, sliding elements, glass elements and wall elements.

Großformatige Brandprüfungen im ift-Brandschutzzentrum

Im ift-Brandschutzzentrum in Rosenheim können großformatige Bauelemente bis zu 8 m x 5 m an nur ein und demselben Probekörper auf Rauchschutz und Feuerwiderstand, Dauerfunktion sowie Windlast, Luft-, Wind- und Schlagregendichtheit geprüft werden. Der Ablauf einer Brandprüfung wird anhand einer Fassade der Firma HUECK gezeigt.

Further information on the topic: Feuer- und Rauchschutz 

Innovative testing concepts at the Technology Center

Special structure and installation concepts

At the Technology Center, large-sized building elements up to 8 m x 5 m can only be tested at one single test specimen on smoke control and fire resistance, mechanical durability as well as wind load, airtightness and watertightness. This is possible due to special structure and installation concepts that take the special features of serveral testing standard into account. Hence, costly production of several test specimen as well as additional reconstruction measures and transportation can be omitted. Therefore, the total test time will be significantly reduced and the clients quickly receive the necessary evidences and certificates.


Intelligent utilization and logistics concept

An ingenious utilization and logistics concept with structure boxes, jacking and crane systems as well as storage locations enable a quick, economical and ergonomic installation, preparation and test of test specimen. Lockable structure boxes and closed testing areas are very important, so that discretion and secrecy are guaranteed. Workshops for wood, metal und structural work with experienced craftsmen allow fast adjustment of test specimen and mounting of building components, so that the tests can be effected without  time delay. The vicinity to the Autobahn A8 of the Technology Center faciliates the delivery of large-sized components with special transporters.


Test according to German, Europrean und international standards

All test rigs are not only designed for tests according to German and European standards but also for tests according to American, Russian, British and further standards. ift Rosenheim disposes of numerous bilateral accreditations, e.g. certificates of UL, AAMA, ASTM, CWCT, Ghost. Hence, ift Rosenheim can also make tests of loaded walls and ceilings, thus having the certificate of supporting walls and ceilings in fire resistance. Tests and evidences for special structures or non-standardized components can be issued in combination with the flexible accreditation. This is complemented by the planned test of drive units for electric and functional security. The Technology Center offers an optimal ‘home’ for the door industry that has a lead in automatic components.


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