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Green Deal

CO2 efficiency and protection against climate consequences with sustainable windows and building elements.

Special Show at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE - Nuremberg, 12 - 15 July 2022

The laws of nature cannot be cheated and the climate change is here. The consequences affect us all - here and now. Heat records with temperatures as high as 47 degrees, flooding during heavy rain, and unexpected cold snaps with large amounts of snow put lives at risk. Buildings are damaged by tennis ball sized hailstones and hurricanes. Therefore, it is not only a matter of limiting the climate change through energy-efficient and sustainable construction products and construction technology, but also of protecting against future climate extremes.
In addition, the CO2 footprint of construction products is coming more into focus, as the "grey" energy for the construction of new buildings has a large share and must not be neglected. Politicians are now recognizing this, so that construction elements and building materials will have to meet higher requirements for sustainability and energy efficiency in the future. Components made from renewable raw materials or with a high recycling content offer advantages. Climate scientists therefore emphasize the need to push energy-efficient building refurbishment more strongly in order to make the best possible use of the remaining CO2 budget. 
Windows, doors, facades, sun protection, decentralized ventilation systems and other construction elements and building materials must therefore fulfill the following aspects in order to be marketed successfully in the future.
  1. Reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of the energy efficiency of building materials, construction elements and buildings,
  2. Use of renewable raw materials and/or with a high proportion of recycled material,
  3. Technologies to simplify energy refurbishment (serial refurbishment / Energiesprong principle),
  4. Products and designs that improve sustainability and recycling and go easy on resources in accordance with the "Cradle to Cradle" approach and with good maintenance, care and disposal concepts,
  5. "Green" facades and technologies to improve air quality and microclimate,
  6. Adaptive sun protection systems that restrain the energy hunger of air conditioners and protect against heat waves,
  7. Protection and resilience against climate extremes such as floods, tornadoes and hailstorms,
  8. Decentralised ventilation systems for night-time cooling and natural fresh air supply and minimal energy consumption,
  9. Digital control systems to minimise CO2 emissions in the construction and operation of buildings and to improve living comfort + security,
  10. Surfaces that do not heat up so much when exposed to solar radiation and thus protect the building elements from damage.

Booth Concept + Presentation
The exhibition stand is structured along the life cycle (production to recycling) by theme islands and graphic elements. An eye-catcher on the main aisle, drawing attention to the urgency of climate change, arouses interest in the "Green Deal”. The theme islands contain functional products from co-exhibitors. These will be complemented by PC terminals where detailed information and calculation/simulation tools and digital services will be available (automatic EPD generation, CO2 calculator, Ökobaudat, control systems, digital services of co-exhibitors). An action zone with a large screen shows live video streaming of tests, energy-efficient production processes, recycling processes, innovative mounting systems, instruction of assembly, calibration, quality assurance via smartglasses, etc. 
Numerous meeting opportunities and a separate meeting area invite visitors to exchange ideas with ift experts and co-exhibitors.


Possible exhibits and co-exhibitors (desigred application deadline until 10th May 2021)

  1. Digital systems to improve energy efficiency (software, controls, assembly, quality assurance, etc.)
  2. Products based on the principle to simplify energy refurbishment (serial refurbishment)
  3. Windows, construction elements and building materials with a high recycling rate
  4. Green facades and green flat roofs
  5. Construction elements as protection against climate extremes (hurricanes, hail, flooding, etc.)
  6. Decentralised ventilation systems with high energy efficiency 
  7. Installation systems to simplify and promote window replacement
  8. Systems for night-time cooling
  9. Renewable raw materials and recycling materials for windows, doors and building elements
  10. Test methods for increased requirements due to climate extremes
  11. Innovative recycling processes
  12. Adaptive solar shading for optimal solar gains and protection against overheating
  13. Control systems for windows, doors and sun protection for higher energy efficiency
  14. Building materials and surfaces to reduce overheating
  15. Vacuum insulating glazing (VIG) for energy-efficient refurbishment of existing windows
  16. Prefabricated wall elements made of wood and other renewable raw materials
  17. Maintenance and care concepts to extend the period of use


Opportunities for participation 
Participation A 
Participation with exhibit and all services of participation B.
Participation fee EUR 4,995.00 per exhibit/service.

Participation B 
Presentation without exhibits. Mention as "quality manufacturer" in documentary volume, website, logo on exhibition stand, etc.
Participation fee EUR 1,500.00 per exhibit/service.

Participants, that are no exhibitor at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2022, will be charged by the NürnbergMesse a co-exhibitor fee of EUR 839.00.








Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg



Concept & Application


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