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rp fineline 70

Slender, thermally insulated steel and glass door "rp fineline 70" with very narrow face widths and vacuum glazing (VIG) for optimum energy-efficient renovation of listed buildings and in high-quality residential construction.


Product Description

rp fineline 70 provides metalworkers and planners with a slender, thermally broken system with total face widths of just 45 mm (sash/frame combination) for high-quality residential construction and the renovation of listed buildings.



Product Benefits

  • The highlights in terms of design are accompanied by efficient processing for the metalworking company. This results in significant time savings when it comes to production – for example, thanks to tool-free mounting of the glazing beads, which are simply hooked into place without the need for clamping studs.
  • Planners can choose from three different design variants for integrating the lock case: enclosed by either transoms or a mullion for a linear style or left without transoms or mullions and with a simple glass cut-out for a particularly minimalist look.
  • The elegant barrel hinges with a diameter of just 15 mm can be coated in any RAL colour and are therefore ideal for either accentuating or blending in with the colour concept.
  • With no fewer than three threshold solutions to choose from, rp fineline 70D also adapts to a variety of structural circumstances. In addition to the “normal threshold” with a height offset between inside and outside, the “zero threshold” can be used to ensure accessibility. The “old building threshold” is simply mounted on an existing floor and is therefore suitable for renovation and refurbishment projects.
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