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LOKVE d.o.o.

WinAlulok 100 Design

Wood Alu windows fully aligned sash shape on the inside and aluminum on the outside, they fit perfectly into modern architecture. 


Product Description

Wood – 4 layered lamellas; profile thickness – 100 mm; heat insulation – Uw = 0,75 W/(m2K) (Ug=0,5 W/(m2K); glass – three-layered insulation glass 52 mm; gasket – 6; hardware – ROTO Designo (Hidden); safety – basic, RC1 or RC2.

The wood-aluminum windows represent the windows of finest quality and design. They are the best choice for the new generation of modern, low-energy and passive houses.


Product Benefits

  • Three-layered insulation glass (the opportunity for various configurations of glass type and surface)
  • Aluminium mask for protection (modern design with aligned aluminium)
  • Glazing without silicone (the new generation of glazing with gasket)
  • Rectangular sash shape (without glass strip)
  • Six gaskets (the best heat and sound insulation)
  • Wood/aluminium windows saves energy and money
  • Environmental green production (contributes to the reduction of greeenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and mitigates climate change)
  • Wood/aluminium windows provided sense of comfort, create a healthy and a pleasant atmosphere in the space, raise the value your real estate
  • The products have a certificate of quality issued by ift Rosenheim
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