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ift MessTec GmbH


Test rigs for testing even higher loads during climate extremes (hurricanes, hurricanes, heavy rain etc.) as well as remote testing (DigiTest) including remote maintenance and calibration.


Product Description

Test and measuring instruments with precise sensor and mechanical systems are set up for standard-compliant, reproducible, sufficiently accurate and economically efficient tests. With the modern devices, the test engineer is also supported in the inspection task by the software and relieved of tedious standard tasks

The high-quality test equipment of ift MessTec is designed not only to meet the requirements of a test rig for quality control or development tests, but also to meet the higher demands of an accredited and, if necessary, even notified laboratory. These test devices in combination with a calibration of an accredited calibration laboratory create the basis for official tests in the customer's laboratory. The ift Rosenheim has been accredited for this for several years. The many advantages of an official test in our own laboratory are very popular with customers and are in increasing demand.

Since the same requirements apply to tests in the customer's laboratory as in the laboratory of the test centre, a neutral, independent and official test at the customer's premises can only be carried out and guaranteed with ongoing checks or the constant presence of the independent expert from the test centre. The requirements for a customer laboratory for official testing are summarized in an iftTEST contract and agreed with ift Rosenheim.

The test rigs are equipped with appropriate technology, which digitally transmits all important details of the test to the test engineer. He can then remotely intervene in the tests and access the logged results and backup files at any time. The challenge here is to combine measurement, video technology and security monitoring. The most important partner of the neutral test centre becomes the testing and monitoring software. In close cooperation with ift Rosenheim, ift MessTec has developed the necessary extensions to the testing software and will offer them to iftTEST customers as an add-on module digiTEST in the future.

Manufacturers with their own testing facilities and technical experts can thus use their own tests to improve product quality sustainably, develop innovations quickly and have the product properties verified by a neutral body. As a result, they are faster on the market. 



Product Benefits

  • Fast and flexible performance of tests recognised under building law by a notified body on company's in-house test rig
  • faster development times for new product developments and thus a shorter time to market
  • avoidance of time, costs and CO2 emissions due to the journey of a notified test engineer or the transport of test specimens as well as the journey of the manufacturer to the test facility
  • improved support for remote maintenance, troubleshooting and test support
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