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F.R. Hauk Stahl- und Leichtmetallbau GmbH


Smarthome windows made of aluminum with automatic hardware ventilation, with freely programmable ventilation functions, controlled external blinds, switchable glass and connection to smarthome systems.


Product Description

The SECU-SMART-WINDOW from Hauk brings security and the opportunities of the digital networking of Smart Home applications together.

It is not only possible at any time to check the state of the windows from anywhere in the world but also to control it actively. The protection from burglars is not compromised.

The window can be tilted by the press of a button in an app from anywhere outside or inside the house. When tilted, the resistance class RC2 or RC3 can be selected. In closed state, the resistance classes RC2 to RC4 can be enabled.

Of course, it is possible to open the side-hung window function manually. Integrated contacts prevent the simultaneous opening by app.

The window can find many different applications both in the private home and in public buildings. The control system ensures that it can be integrated in complex house control systems or work in a stand-alone environment. The Smart Home applications can be disabled completely at any time without any impairment of the functions inside the building.



Product Benefits

  • Burglar-proof window, closed up to RC 4, tilted up to RC3
  • Bullet resistance up to FB4 possible
  • Simple control by app possible
  • Additional Smart Home applications can be integrated by the gateway.
  • Integration in complex house control systems possible
  • All functions can also be used without Smart Home applications
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