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ift Akademie

The practice-oriented training of employees is a central prerequisite for the success of a company. That is why the motto of the ift Academy is: "Advantage through knowledge". The seminars, specialist degrees, specialist conferences and congresses guarantee competent first-hand knowledge. The lecturers are all specialists in their field and…

Certification – Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001

As the most successful concept and verification procedure worldwide, certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 supports and documents a company's quality awareness in the systematic design of its processes at all levels.

Außenansicht einer Glastür in einer Glasfassade

Certification – Door frames for fire-resistant assembly – QM 303

The certification procedure QM 303 ensures the conformity of door frames for fire-resistant assemblies in outdoor applications according to EN 16034-1 or for fire-resistant assemblies in indoor applications according to the general building inspection type approval.

Einbrecher bricht in ein Haus ein

Certification – Installer of Mechanical Security Devices – QM 311

In Germany, burglar resistance has become very important over the last few years. Equipping a house with the right windows, doors, gates or roller shutters makes the end customer feel secure. But you don't always have to buy a new product. Often, retrofitting with the right components can be the solution.

Hellblaue doppleflügelige Feuerschutztür

Certification – Fire and Smoke Control Door and Shutter Assemblies (Internal use) – QM 305

Due to the standardisation backlog in Europe, interior doors are still regulated nationally. In some countries, a classification report according to EN 13501-2 is required as proof, which requires proof in accordance with product standard EN 16034.

Frau schließt weiße Tür mit Schlüssel auf

Certification – Locks – QM 342

Locks are one of the most important components on a door. Without the right lock, the functions and some performance characteristics according to EN 14351-1 are not given. The interaction between the lock and other components is also crucial.

Tür mit Notausgang-Verschluss, dahinter ist ein Treppenhaus zu sehen

Certification – Internal Doors – QM 326

Doors with the ability to release

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Certification – Hinges – QM 343

Hinges are one of the most important components on a door. Without the right hinge, the function and some performance characteristics according to EN 14351-1 are not guaranteed. The interaction between the hinge and other components is also crucial.

Expert Opinion

Defects can occur during planning, manufacture and installation, as a result of impacts during the period of use or simply due to the ravages of time, which can then trigger structural damage. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise as a result, which make the involvement of a specialised expert advisable.


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