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SolID Building Certification


SolID is a certification system for single family and multi-family houses, which has been developed jointly with LCEE (Life Cycle Engineering Experts GmbH), our experienced partner for the certification of sustainable buildings.

A building certification in accordance with SolID provides the following benefits to you

  • Greater value of the real estate property

  • Favourable impact on the environment and the resources

  • Lower utilisation costs

  • Simpler and lower in cost than other certification systems

  • Option of approval / acknowledgement by international standards

All relevant aspects that are necessary for evaluating the sustainability of buildings are evaluated within the framework of SolID.

This includes, among others, an estimate of the energy requirement for heating and hot water or the use of ecological as well as recycled construction materials.

In order to do justice to the economical requirements of sustainability, SolID also evaluates the Life Cycle Costs (LCC), such as, for example, the costs of maintenance and repair of selected components of the building.

Since a constantly increasing number of human beings is paying attention to comfortable and healthy living, even criteria such as, for example, optimal incidence of daylight or room-specific temperature control are taken into consideration in the course of certification. Moreover, a building is also assessed with respect to its connections to infrastructure and the quality of the location and also the risk posed by floods.

After carrying out the evaluation or preparing the relevant basis for the certification, as the owner of the building or the builder, you receive an ift Certificate of Conformity including an assessment logo.



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