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Certification – Hardware (Tilt&Turn) – QM 328

Hardware is among the most important components on a window or door. Without the right hardware, the function and some performance characteristics according to EN 14351-1 are not given. The interaction between hardware and other components is also crucial.

In order to provide manufacturer of building components with a good basis for the use of high-quality hardware, ift Rosenheim has launched the ift certification scheme QM 328. The test and certification of hardware according to QM 328 also provides the manufacturer of building components with the basis for obtaining an ift certification at the level "Quality" or the RAL quality mark according to RAL-GZ 695.

Products certified and monitored according to this certification scheme meet the requirements according to RAL-GZ 695 (Windows, Facades and Doors - Quality Assurance RAL-GZ 695) and RAL-GZ 716 (Plastic Window Profile Systems - Quality Assurance RAL-GZ 716).

With QM 328, rules for interchangeability of hardware based on EN 14351-1 Annex A were also created.

Interested in Certification of Hardware (Tilt&Turn)?

The ift certification body accompanies you with auditors who are competent in the industry and in the field and thus assesses your products and management systems. Certification by ift Rosenheim enjoys a high level of accreditation among manufacturers, planners, dealers, specifiers and consumers.

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Certified Companies

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Mayer & Co. Beschläge GmbH

5020 Salzburg (AT) www.maco.at


Certified products:


MACO PROTECT Türschlösser Z-TS Modul (Zylinderbetätigtes modular aufgebautes Türschloss)

QM340 Weather boards

Bodentürschwelle Transit ausziehbar, Transit Personal

QM342 Locks

Mehrfachverriegelungsschloss Z-TS, Z-TF, A-TS

M-TS, INSTINCT guard, INSTINCT guard Plus

QM346 Hardware - Lift&Slide