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Occupational Health and Safety Management

BS OHSAS 18001 | DIN ISO 45001

Constant amendments to the laws on occupational safety require an organisation to make continuous adaptations to new or amended legislation. Modern occupational safety encompasses an increasingly holistic view, which combines prevention, appropriate handling of risks, implementation of necessary safeguards and protective measures and the health & well-being of the staff. The introduction of OHSAS 18001 offers a practical approach to comply with the requirements of the legislation on occupational safety.


Advantages for organisations

  • Ensuring compliance with the legislation with the help of an improved organisation of occupational safety

  • Compliance with employer's obligations

  • Occupational safety and health protection as part of corporate culture

  • Raising the standard of operational safety and reducing the risk of accidents at work

  • Reduction of down times and the associated costs

  • Meeting customer requirements, e.g. as minimum requirements for awarding projects

In our data base for certification you will find all organisations which are successfully certified according to BS OHSAS 18001 and may label this with the logo "ift certified".


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