Zeikos GmbH

3D printing

3D printing (additively manufactured elements) for customers for decision-making as fully functional samples, profile printouts as partial views or also for series production in medium quantities.

Materials are PA12, transparent or silicone-like.

Product Description

We can support our customers in the design or in data transfer.

It is also possible to read and print old elements (rosettes, joints, stops, handle sets etc.) using a scanner.

With the 3D printers we have different possibilities to create parts. The standard materials are PA12, a transparent slightly amber and silicone materials with different hardnesses.

The installation space sizes for the silicone material and the transparent material are 297 x 210 x 200 mm. The temperature resistance of the silicone material is between -80°C and 200°C depending on the hardness.

For the PA12 material we can use a space of 380 x 284 x 380 mm and the temperature resistance is between -70°C and 95°C. PA12 can be both dyed and painted and is dark grey in its basic state. The material has a high stability, is bio-certified and has a chemical resistance to oils, fats, alcohol and cleaning agents.


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