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WICSTYLE 65N evo is an aluminum smoke control door with the same face widths as the standard and thermally insulated WICONA door series

Product Description

These constructions are specially designed to use it inside buildings or for requirements without thermal insulation. If factors such as indoor safety are in focus, these uninsulated fire protection partitions are the right choice.

Product Advantages

  • Flush-fitting door construction on both sides
  • Smoke control doors RS1, single leaf, and RS2, double leaf, according to DIN 18 095 and S200 according to EN 16034
  • Equipped with an RFID chip for evaluating the opening cycles to optimize the maintenance intervals. Up to data storage of the maintenance log and archiving of declaration of performance and other relevant documents directly in the chip on the element
  • Types of opening: single and double-leaf single-action doors
  • Opening inwards and outwards
  • Numerous types of glass and panel designs
  • Various fitting options with and without a panic version
  • WICONA glazing technology with standard glazing beads as well as internal and external seals
  • Free choice of surface treatment or color design
  • Glass separating and stickable rungs
  • With roller belts or screw-on belts in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Use of overhead door closer, concealed door closer (ITS) or swing door drive
  • Various fitting options with and without a panic version
  • Panic version DIN EN 1125/179

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