OKNOPLAST Deutschland GmbH

System Ecofusion

System Ecofusion (construction depth 76 mm): Window element incl. sun protection with sensor-controlled opening function and burglary sensors as well as connection to the Somfy Tahoma Smarthome system.

Product Description

Fenster Ecofusion 76 mm depth system (MD) with a modern design and smart “inside”. In this window we used a motor that is completely hidden, the window looks and functions like a regular one but has a motorized tilt function. This feature gives us a lot of possibilities, for example we can ventilate our home wherever we are, we can close it without getting up from the couch or we can use window part of scenarios. For example: With the weather detector you don't have to worry about rain because the window will close itself automatically, with temperature sensor your house will ventilate itself when temperature is too high inside and much more. In this construction we also have an anti-panic feature which allows you to close/open the window manually after a power failure. The Window will be connected to Tahoma by GU-Controller IO module and has installed several sensors on the sash, for example: IntelliTAG™-burglar detection sensor.

Product Advantages

  • Regular window design with a reduced sash width
  • Smart Home product with a sensor-controlled opening function
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Remote control
  • Global access (Requires Internet Access)

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