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ISO-PORTAL - Support for digital planning, online configuration & ordering of products for window sealing and in-front-of-wall installation

Product Description

On the ISO-PORTAL online platform, ISO-Chemie provides tools for planning and installation support, individual configuration and ordering product packages, calculation support and cost savings. In just a few steps, a configurator works through the selection of suitable sealing products which can be individually adapted and modified for specific building projects and then ordered through the ISO-Chemie webshop. The ift Installation Tool can be used to generate an ift Installation Pass certified by ift Rosenheim, together with the isothermal calculation and technical product documentation to create a professional site analysis. ISO-Chemie also provides BIM-ready product data for digital project planning which can be downloaded for use in CAD programs. The ISO-static tool helps with calculating and drawing up stress analysis reports for fixing components in and on the front of the supporting facade. You can also find expert answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding joint sealing in the ISOPEDIA knowledge base.

Product Advantages

  • Online configurator for user-friendly and simple selection and ordering of sealing products suitable for window installation
  • Design assistance for project-specific installation and proof of professional and structurally-correct planning with the ift installation tool
  • Support by calculation of the four load points for in-front-of-wall installation and a preliminary structural analysis with the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER static tool
  • ISO-TOP WINFRAMER calculation tool for quick and easy calculation of the material requirements
  • The ISOPEDIA knowledge base contains tips on products, building physics and construction engineering, along with notes on topics associated with construction law
  • Optimum support for digital project planning using the BIM model-based planning method and downloadable product data
  • Intelligent tools save both money and installation time
  • All services and tools on the ISO-PORTAL available 24/7 for desktop and mobile devices

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