The digital window with integrated NFC chip for digital services and the optimization of maintenance and complaint processes.

Product Description

We enable the installer to achieve operational excellence by clearly identifying components and documenting data such as serial number, dimensions, material, etc. For the component, specific knowledge is stored on the installed NFC chip, which is intended to facilitate assembly for the fitter and avoid errors, thereby improving the flow of information in the construction process and facilitating project management for the parties involved. We enable the occupant of a property to interact with his component by giving him access to specific knowledge through the NFC chip. We also enable structured communication between residents and property managers to simplify administrative processes. We enable the digitization of already installed components by retrofitting the NFC chip including data acquisition and access to the newly created ecosystem.

Product Advantages

  • With the BISS.ID ON SITE Dashboard, we offer specialist dealers a tool for optimising their daily work.
  • By adding plans, they coordinate the workflow and receive systematic documentation.
  • Checklists remind employees of the most important steps for completing the project.
  • Communicate with employees via the dashboard and manage their access rights in the administration area.
  • By setting up an optional incentive system, employees can be motivated to document installation progress cleanly.
  • In the area of evaluations, cross-project reports can be configured individually to control workflows.
  • For processors: Gain a digital advantage and stand out from the competition. With BISS.ID's NFC technology, you can take your company to the next level.

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