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corma Technologie

The corma technology connects information & responsible persons through databased SaaS solutions, supported by automation, usable mapping AI, BIM cooperation and controllable data.

Product Description

BIMsystems creates user-oriented BIM content and offers various SaaS solutions to make the best use of BIM in practice.

Thanks to the waya SaaS solution, the entire BIM model can be exchanged in real time between the participants according to OPEN-BIM in a user-friendly manner - without the need for IFC.

Planners have the possibility to access the waya SaaS solution directly from the CAD systems via plug-ins. Consequently, they do not have to leave their familiar environment. Real-time collaboration without compromises becomes reality.

The corma technology as a software solution is:

  • Setting the course for digital transformation
  • Integral component of the planning method BIM
  • The technological heart of the CAD-system-spanning networking towards the central data model
  • BIM capable configurator for products, systems and modules

Product Advantages

  • Digitisation of product data
  • BIM-enabled product configuration
  • Networking of interfaces in BIM
  • Central provision of BIM content and all relevant object properties
  • Central database for a holistic data model
  • Maximum automation in the handling of BIM content
  • Changeability of the BIM content from neutral to manufacturer specific
  • Free export & import of data
  • CAD-system-spanning data exchange (Open-BIM) without the need for IFC
  • Real time collaboration in the central data model
  • CAD system-independent intelligence
  • Access to neutral & manufacturer-specific BIM content
  • Sharing and managing neutral BIM content with planners and partners
  • Edit, homogenize, manage, update, categorize, configure and Internationalize neutral BIM libraries
  • Mapping of different data models and of attributes of neutral and specific BIM content of other planners and partners

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