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Laboratory Calibration


Since the time that ift Rosenheim was founded, newly developed measuring instruments and test equipment need to be calibrated. Since these have been complex and difficult measurement operations (e.g. heat transmission measurement) right from the start, appropriate calibration procedures are also being developed in parallel to the measurement technique. ift has gained experience with the ongoing calibration of about 1,000 measuring instruments and test equipment over many years, and is providing this service to you.

The laboratory Calibration at ift Rosenheim offers you the facility of calibration, adjustment and, if needed, the maintenance of your measuring instruments as well, by a laboratory that has been notified by DIBt and accredited according to EN ISO 17025. In addition, measuring instruments and test equipment purchased from ift Rosenheim may be updated to the latest software version, so that conformity with the required test standards is ensured. For important measurable parameters, the laboratory Calibration is also available with the accreditation as DAkkS calibration laboratory in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025.


  • Calibration of various measuring and test instruments at your premises or in the calibration laboratory of ift Rosenheim

  • Calibration of test and measuring instruments at the factory's own production control centre or manufacturing plant

  • Calibration of test and measuring instruments for test laboratories

Measuring & test equipment that can be calibrated


Measurement Parameters

  • Pressure

  • Flow rate of air and water

  • Length

  • Measurement of force, up to 1 kN

  • Torque

  • Speed

  • Burglar-proof doors and shutters and associated products for retrofitting

Test equipment


Test rigs

  • Test rig for windows / facades

  • Durability test rig

  • Tilt and turn, and sliding test rig

  • Long-term transverse tensile strength

  • Test rig for leak tightness (air / wind / driving rain)

  • Climatic tests chamber including radiation

  • Smoke control test rig

  • Flexural tensile strength testing machine

  • Corner stability devices

  • Glass breakage

  • Climatic chambers with standard climatic conditions, constant climatic conditions and/or cyclic climatic conditions

  • Thermal cabinet (heating furnace)

  • Data measuring system for temperatures (2-point calibration)

  • Heating furnace performance measurement

  • Oscillating body/dual wheel, tyre pressure testing instrument

  • Lateral wind blower according to EN 13050

  • Precision scales up to 2 kg, laboratory scales, crane scales and platform scales

Hand-held measuring equipment

  • Speed measurement instrument HMG 100

  • Measuring tape, feeler gauge & sliding calipers

  • Thermal hygrometer

  • Absolute pressure gauge


  • Report with measurement feedback and specification of measurement inaccuracy

  • Customised service with individual offers or long-term calibration agreements

  • All devices and equipment calibrated by ift are listed and monitored periodically

  • Our team organises calibration at regular intervals, visits of our technicians on-site to your devices and equipment, and the complete documentation of their status on request.



ift Rosenheim GmbH

+49 8031 261-2550
+49 8031 261-282550

Ihr Ansprechpartner für Kalibrierleistungen ist die ift MessTec GmbH.


The following calibration reports can be issued


Short description / Use

Target group

Calibration record / factory calibration certificate

Documents the calibration of one measured variable

Manufacturer with test installation, laboratoies

DAkkS-calibration certificate

Documents the calibration, calibrations parameters and the results


Secures/documents the usability of test equipment

Manufacturer with test installation, laboratoies

Calibration report

Summarises several calibration results and gives information regarding the usability/use of a test rig.


Certificate of conformity for test rig

Testing personnel, Experts, Accredited bodies


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