An test engineer looks into the camera, next to him are a microphone and a loudspeaker for acoustic tests

Laboratory for Building Acoustics

The Laboratory for Building Acoustics in Rosenheim has earned the highest professional accreditation through its years of experience. The Laboratory for Building Acoustics has all the necessary test rigs and expert knowledge to investigate the main issues relating to building acoustics in laboratory tests. Since 2021, the tests have been carried out in a new laboratory hall in the immediate vicinity of the ift Technology Center. The comprehensive and intelligently designed test facilities allow your tests to be carried out exceptionally quickly and flexibly.

Our experts are also happy to carry out measurements on the construction project, for example in the course of quality-assuring construction monitoring.

The new Laboratory for Building Acoustics + Façades is located in the direct vicinity of the ift Technology Center and offers an innovative test and logistics concept for optimal service

Performance of Laboratory for Building Acoustics

  • Test of airborne sound insulation

  • Test of impact sound insulation

  • Test of flanking sound insulation

  • Characterization of test elements by measuring dynamic stiffness and airflow resistivity

  • Test of sound reduction of joints

  • Test of the inherent noise level

All advantages at a glance

Tests independent of weather as well as ideal working and assembly conditions for clients in air-conditioned test hall

Time savings due to state-of-the-art logistics (overhead crane, direct truck access to the test rig, means of transport, workshop, hoists, modular systems for quick adjustments to the test specimens)

Expertise and years of experience of the operating testing officers

Products in Detail

The following products are tested in this laboratory:

  • Windows
  • Facades
  • Glazings
  • Panels
  • Doors
  • Industrial, commercial, garage doors and gates
  • Roller shutter boxes
  • Walls, ceilings, roofs
  • Wall connections
  • Insulating materials and sealants
  • Ventilation units

and other construction elements

Our Test Rigs

Acoustic test rig with movable wooden test chambers
Flanking sound transmission test rig for testing airborne and flanking sound insulation with movable test chambers
Exterior view of an acoustic test rig with source and receiving room
Multi-purpose test rig for testing airborne sound insulation
Ceiling test rig with movable test chamber
Wall/ceiling test rig for testing airborne and impact sound insulation

Laboratory for Building Acoustics + Facades

Am Oberfeld 14

83026 Rosenheim

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