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Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) make statements regarding the environmental impact and/or the environmental effects of a product, e. g. the energy consumption, the existing greenhouse gas (CO2 ) or the water consumption. These documents serve basically as proof for building certification. That is , if buildings are certified by sustainability systems as e.g. DGNB (German Association for Sustainable Building) or BNB (evaluation system for sustainable building), EPDs are necessary among other things. 

The online application ‘create model EPDs’ enables the simple and cost-effective compilation of an EPD for aluminum windows, uPVC windows and timber windows. EPDs are generated automatically on basis of model EPDs upon confirmation of different framework conditions.

For model EPDS, data of different companies are determined that are used as average values in a common ‘data pool’. They state a sector average and guarantee in this way that the EPDs are suitable for most manufacturer. In a model EPD, no specific qualities of the building product can be highlighted that are suitable for the differentiation in competition.

The basics werde developed in a publicly supported research project. This project was supported and promoted by the involved associations QKE e.V., VFF e.V., FV S+B e.V. and BF e.V. as well as the Research initiative ‘Future Building’ of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BBSR) (reference: SF – Research centers were  ift Rosenheim, Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. as well as PE International AG.

The model EPD describes the significant environmental effects of a building product. The life cycle assessment is calculated by the life cycle ‘Cradle to Grave’ taking into additional consideration all preceding chaings, e.g. raw material extraction. Furthermore, the stage ‘End of Live’ is considered. Basis for the model EPDs are the corresponding Product Category Rules (PCR) according to DIN EN ISO 14025 and prEN 15804 as well as the ift- Guideline NA-01/1 ‘General guideline for elaboration of type III Environmental Product Declarations’.

Contractual preconditions, contractual basis, conclusion of contract and prices 

Condition for the compilation of an EPD on basis of a model EPD is the free registration of the user on as well as the full compliance of the terms of use for the compilation of model EPDs.

The following documents are necessary for the compilation of an EPD:
  • Company logo (format: PNG, JPG or GIF, RGB mode, diimensions: max. B x H = 500 x 300 pixel, data size: max. 500 kb
  • for members: ift or VFF membership number

The compilation of an EPD subject to a charge. The price for ift and VFF members is € 407.00. Without membership, the compilationof an EPD costs € 613.00 (in each case plus value added tax of 19%).

The EPD will be sumitted to the user only upon receipt of the payment of the supplier.



Area of application and period of validity 

The verified Environmental Product Declaration is only valid for the products named in the declaration and is valid for 5 years of the creation date.


Consent to the publication of the issued EPD 

All EPDs issued by ift Rosenheim are published on at ‘Show issued EPDs’. An anonymisation does not take place. The user agrees to the publication with the sending of the online order.

Suggestions and advice regarding improvement of the model EPDs can be sent via email to with subject ‘Model EPDs’.


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