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Glass tests: Glass, Glass accessories

Tests and Evidences under Building Law

Glass has versatile properties that are of great importance in Civil Engineering. This includes, for example, transparence, thermal insulation and integrity. But also sun protection, security or the function as structural component in the facade are necessary for the requirements in Civil Engineering. ift Rosenheim is a notified body and admitted testing, certification and surveillance body by the construction supervising authority for glass products. Besides the compilation of documents, the long-term mechanical performance is also measured and the resistance for the constructive application is determined.


Glass test and documents under building law

The high quality and acceptance of the evidences under building law of ift Rosenheim secure the recognition of the results for national approval, for approval of individual cases and for CE-marking throughout Europe. The international recognition of the ift-evidence of performance is based on the accreditation of the DAkkS (german accreditation body). Furthermore, the normative conversion of technical specifications in Europe is guaranteed by the cooperation in national and European standardisation organisations as well as by the chairmanship in important committees.


Tests according to European and International Standards

The glass tests are made according to European and international standards (EN and ISO), as well as according to TRAV (Technical regulations for safety barrier glazings), TRLV (Technical rules for glazings with linear support), TRPV (Technical rules for the dimensioning and construction of point-fixed glazings), ETAG (European Technical Approvals Guidelines) and ift-Guidelines.

The standards determine specifications and test methods, among other things for various coatings of glass for the use in onstruction engineering, SSGS (Structural Sealant Glazing System) as well as glazings with prefabricated profiles at wooden windows. The reaction to fire and/or the resistance to fire, anti-bandit and anti-vandal resistance as well as acoustic insulation, shading device and thermal insulation. Documents for CE marking of glass products can also be issued. The following tests are made by ift Rosenheim:

  • All documents for CE marking of glass products

  • Reaction to fire/resistance to fire

  • Anti-bandit resistance/anti-vandal resistance

  • SSG fragmentation and fracture characteristics

  • IGU fogging

  • IGU gas permeation (gas leakage rate edge seal)

  • IGU long-term mechanical performance, resistance to water vapour diffusion

  • Acoustic insulation

  • Shading device

  • Resistance to impact/pendulum test

  • Thermal insulation/luminous data

Services of ift Rosenheim

ift Rosenheim offers various services for glass tests like determination of strengths and material characteristics, the proof of building-physical characteristics (U g-value, luminous characteristics, sound insulation) or the proof of stability and component testing. The test according to foreign national standards (e.g. AAMA in the USA), the tests and quality assurance of glass products in civil engineering as requirement for the CE marking are part of the extensive range of services. The services are summarized below:

  • Determination of resistance and material characteristics

  • Proof of building-physical characteristics by calculation and measurement

  • Proof of mechanical durability and building-physical properties ov sunshade devices integrated in the cavity

  • Proof of stability and component testing

  • Test according to foreign national standards

  • Test and quality control for the RAL Quality Associations Insulating glass unit as well as for CEKAL

  • Tests for glass products in the construction sector

  • Quality assurance of glass products with customized certification and surveillance programs

  • Assistance for approvals of individual cases and national technical test certificates


The testing institute Rosenheim makes glass tests for various products. This includes glazing units, coated glass, fire protection glass as well as sealants for the production of insulating glass units. The test of security glazing (anti-bandit, anti-vandal, bullet-resistant, explosion-resistant glazing) as well as laminated glass and laminated safety glass rounds the range off. Products at a glance:

  • Safety barrier glazing, walkable glazed sections, accessible glazing and single-point supported glazing

  • Coated glass for sun protection and thermal insulation as well as for decorative design

  • Fire protection glass

  • Sealants for the production of insulating glass units

  • Single safety glass (SSG)

  • Components like spacer and desiccant

  • Insulating glass unit

  • Security glazing

  • Heat strengthened glass

  • Laminated glass and laminated safety glass

ift Rosenheim offers glass tests according to the following standards:

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