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Tests and Evidences under Building Law

ift Rosenheim is a notified body and admitted testing, certification and surveillance body by the construction supervising authority for fittings. The high quality and acceptance of the evidences under building law of ift Rosenheim secure the recognition of the results for national approval, for approval of individual cases and for CE-marking throughout Europe.

ift Rosenheim tests fittings according to the following standards:

DIN 18104-1 - Burglar resistant products for port installation for windows and doors
DIN 18104-2 - Additional burglar resistant products for windows and doors
DIN 18251-1 - Mortice locks for rebated doors
DIN 18251-2 - Mortise locks for tube frame doors
DIN 18251-3 - Mortise locks as multipoint locks
DIN 18252 - Profile cylinders for door locks
DIN 18255 - Door lever handles, backplates and escutcheons
DIN 18257 - Security plates
DIN 18272 - Spring hinge and supporting hinge
DIN 18273 - Lever handle units for fire doors and smoke control doors
DIN CEN/TS 13126-13 - Sash balances
DIN CEN/TS 13126-14 - Sash fasteners
DIN CEN/TS 13126-2 - Window fastener handles
DIN CEN/TS 13126-5 - Devices that restrict the opening of windows and door height windows
EN 1125 - Panic exit devices operated by a horizontal bar, for use on escape routes
EN 1154 - Door closing device
EN 1155 - Electrically powered hold-open devices for swing doors
EN 1158 - Door coordinator devices
EN 12209 - Mechanically operated locks and locking plates
EN 1303 - Cylinders for locks
EN 13126-10 - Arm-balancing systems
EN 13126-11 - Top hung projecting reversible hardware
EN 13126-12 - Side-hung projecting reversible hardware
EN 13126-15 - Rollers
EN 13126-16 - Hardware for lift and slide windows and doors
EN 13126-17 - Hardware for tilt and slide windows and doors
EN 13126-19 - Sliding closing devices
EN 13126-1 - Hardware for windows and door height windows
EN 13126-3 - Handles, primarily for Tilt and Turn, Tilt-First and Turn-Only hardware
EN 13126-4 - Espagnolette bolts
EN 13126-6 - Variable geometry stay hinges (with or without a friction system)
EN 13126-7 - Finger catches
EN 13126-8 - Tilt & Turn, Tilt-First and Turn-Only hardware
EN 13126-9 - Hardware for horizontal and vertical pivot windows
EN 13637 - Exit systems
EN 14648 - Fittings for shutters
EN 14846 - Electromechanically operated locks
EN 1527 - Hardware for sliding doors and folding doors
EN 1670 - Corrosion resistance
EN 179 - Emergency exit devices
EN 1906 - Lever handles
EN 1935 - Single axis hinges
prEN 15685 - Multipoint locks
If you have questions regarding the hardware test, please send us an e-Mail or call us. We will be at your disposal.


ift Rosenheim

Hardware testing
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