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Special Show "Smart home with windows & doors"


Easy planning, installation and configuration of electronic building elements

Fensterbau Frontale 2018, 21 – 24 March 2018, in Nuremberg, Hall 1, Stall 515


After the automotive world has developed autonomous driving, and communication has been digitalised to a large extent, these technologies will now find their way into buildings. The reason is that residents and real estate owners would also like to have in their "own four walls" the comfort and the safety, which they use in the professional world or in the car.

The technological progress in building elements and controllers for Smart Homes is taking place at a rapid pace. With the entry of Google, Apple and Co., operation, control and interfaces via apps have been simplified considerably. However, there are clear reservations against the use of the new technologies in the fitters' segment and construction industry.

This is why the Special Exhibition will demonstrate the ease of planning, using and configuring drives, sensors, actuators and controllers using the entrance door, window, facade, shading device and sliding door.


Promotion zones and exhibits

Live demonstrations will be conducted once a day on all exhibits to demonstrate how drives and sensors can be installed, wired, connected to the controller and integrated into a centralised system. The Smart Home segment demonstrates all options of networking individual building elements and integrating them into the building services. Moreover, there is an overview of the currently available technical options with representation of the advantages/disadvantages.


Facade or window wall

"Intelligent" facade/window wall with driven hinged door in barrier-free design. Window element with drive and controlled ventilation with the help of CO2 sensor depending on the air quality. Ventilation element with WRG. Media glazing (OLED, liquid crystal), which the visitors can control on their own (solar shading, captions etc.). Glazing with interior solar shading (as far as possible, as pressure-released insulating glass unit, IGU). Filling as PV element.


Entrance door

Automatically driven entrance door with access control systems (video, iris scan, chip, app etc.) in barrier-free and burglar-resistant design including safeguard and regulations for digital security (hacking).


Sliding door system

Sliding door system with automatic drive (can be retrofitted) of barrier-free design. In addition, with automatically controlled exterior solar shading (awning blind, Venetian blinds etc.) and interior solar shading.


Smart Home, digital technology and electrical security

Visitors to the Trade Fair can configure and control all exhibited drives and sensors at a centralised control element (controller) in a residential atmosphere. Apart from this, an overview illustrates the systems and control elements available in the market as well as apps (Android, IOS etc.). Similarly, the standards and test methods for ensuring the electrical and functional safety are demonstrated and explained clearly and vividly by conducting tests.  The presentation and application of digital technologies (3D printer, 3D Powerwall and 3D goggles (Oculus VR and Vive/HTC) illustrates the modern options for sales and product development.



Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

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