Animierte Schaltkreise mit Icons, welche Smart-Home-Komponenten zeigen

Special Show "Smart home with windows + doors"

Easy planning, installation and configuration of electronic building elements

Type of event
Industrial fair

21.03.2018 - 24.03.2018

Hall 1, Stand 515

After the automotive world has developed autonomous driving, and communication has been digitalised to a large extent, these technologies will now find their way into buildings. The reason is that residents and real estate owners would also like to have in their "own four walls" the comfort and the safety, which they use in the professional world or in the car.

The technological progress in building elements and controllers for Smart Homes is taking place at a rapid pace. With the entry of Google, Apple and Co., operation, control and interfaces via apps have been simplified considerably. However, there are clear reservations against the use of the new technologies in the fitters' segment and construction industry.

This is why the Special Exhibition will demonstrate the ease of planning, using and configuring drives, sensors, actuators and controllers using the entrance door, window, facade, shading device and sliding door.

Expert forum

Together with NürnbergMesse, the ift Rosenheim is organising a specialist forum on Wednesday, 21 March (14.00 - 16.30 hrs) in Hall 3a on the following topics:

1. Switchable glazing
2. Smart Home - Experience of a window manufacturer
3. No fear of intelligent drives
4. Open sesame - front door in RC 2 with intelligent and comfortable access control system
5. Smart Home Easy – simple integration of components

Action zones and exhibits

Visitors can test live and exemplary how assembly and configuration of the electronic components and their connection to the control system (app) works. This is supplemented by an overview and tips for the selection of suitable systems and components as well as interfaces to control systems available on the market.

Experts from ift Rosenheim and the co-exhibitors will also be providing information on related standards, laws, testing procedures and the safety and certification of electronic and automatic components.

Animierter Stand des ift Rosenheim auf der Fensterbau Frontale 2018

Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

Head of PR & Communication

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