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Laboratory Computer-assisted Simulation


Numerous problems or issues may be solved with the help of simulation calculations:

  • As an alternative to real and, at times, cumbersome tests on specific components,
  • For analysing complex and physical problems or issues.

In the process, our focus here is to find solutions that are as economical as possible and goal-oriented for meeting the most diverse needs of our customers. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of services for a number of products.


  • Determining thermal parameters (values of surface, linear and point thermal transmittance U, Y, X)

  • Verification of the usability as a passive house

  • Object-related calculation of mountings of building components (temperature factor, surface temperature)

  • 3-D calculation of punctual thermal bridges (for example, the influence of the screw joints of facade profiles)

  • Flow simulations in the field of natural ventilation or with ventilated / back-ventilated building components

  • Evaluation of calculation programs for determining the heat transfer coefficients UW, UD, UCW


External building components:

  • Windows

  • Facades

  • Doors

  • Roller shutter boxes

  • Rooflights

Single components:

  • Frame profiles

  • Spacer systems

  • Glazing bars

  • Panels

  • Mountings of building components

  • Other building elements



  • Calculation without real tests / measurements on the test specimen with several options possible

  • It is possible to conduct tests or analyses along with the development (e.g. if no real prototypes can be manufactured).

  • Tool for determining / visualising the weak spots in the products

  • Efficient, cost-effective evaluation methods for complete systems (consideration of the characteristic curve)

  • Determination of test results in the short term and cost-effectively

  • High level of transparency in conducting the test by intensive professional communication between the customer and the person conducting the test

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