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CE mark and Construction Products Regulation (CPR)


The CE-mark shows the conformity of the product with the European laws and regulations and makes the European-wide tradeability of the product possible on basis of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) that is binding since 01 July in all EU states.


Condition for the CE-mark is a harmonised European (product) standard (hEN) or an European technical assessment for the product. The CE-marking is not possible or permitted without these conditions, as the detailled description of the specifications and proofs is made in the corresponding hEN and/or European technical assessment. The product standards are the demanded implementation of the European CPR according to the statements of the Annex ZA for the CE-marking.

Current publications and information of ift Rosenheim regarding CE-mark and CPR are bundled on this page. Further explanations to CPR can be found on the FAQ page of  Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik.

Articles regarding Window Replacement and Window Planning

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