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BAU 2021 – ift Special Show January 11 – 16, 2021 in Munich

„Green Deal Building Envelope – Energy efficiency and protection against climate extremes“


Climate change is real and the consequences affect us all - that is what most experts are now confirm. Heat records with temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius and floods during heavy rainfall endanger lives - hailstones as big as tennis balls and hurricanes destroy buildings - increasing drought leads to water shortages and fire disasters in Europe too. Therefore it is no longer only about limiting climate change through energy-efficient and sustainable building products, but also about protecting oneself from future climate extremes by suitable constructions.


Information on the topics and exhibits

Building elements create the contact from inside to outside and bring air, light and life into the interior. Like the human skin, the building envelope regulates the climate in the building in a natural way, even without technical systems such as heating or air conditioning. However, building elements such as windows and facades, doors and gates and glazing are also a "weak point" in the outer wall and the products have to face the increased requirements and stresses caused by climate change.

The ift special show "Green Deal Building Envelope – Energy Efficiency and Protection from Climate Extremes" at the world's leading trade fair BAU in Munich will show how:

  • Building elements will further increase the energy efficiency of buildings and improve sustainability and recycling through the "Cradle to Cradle" approach.
  • Adaptive solar shading systems, without the energy hunger of air conditioning units, protect against heat waves.
  • Openings in the building envelope can protect against flooding caused by floods, overflowing rivers and local heavy rainfall.
  • External closures (roller shutters, venetian blinds, awnings, jalousies) could be safe even by hurricanes and hailstorms.
  • Windows and ventilation elements provide night cooling and healthy fresh natural air.
  • Smart control systems regulate and protect buildings in a comfortable and energy-saving manner, even when the occupants are away from home.
  • Surfaces could remain "cool" even when exposed to solar radiation.
  • Improved testing/measurement procedures and simulations that allow a realistic assessment even by increased loads on components and building materials.


Interested companies can apply as co-exhibitors with the following products/exhibits:

  1. Control systems for windows, doors and gates for comfort, energy efficiency, security and ease of use.
  2. Disaster-proof windows with integrated protection against strong winds, hail, burglary/vandalism and flooding.
  3. Exterior finishes (roller shutters, venetian blinds, awnings, blinds) with increased resistance to hurricanes and hailstorms.
  4. Fire/noise protection for building elements and wooden walls as well as protection against forest and surface fires.
  5. Green facades as protection against solar radiation, with active cooling (evaporation), sound absorption and with improvement of the microclimate.
  6. Gates, doors, windows, facades, partitions and bulkhead systems to protect openings in the building envelope from flooding caused by floods, rivers flowing over them and local heavy rainfall.
  7. Photovoltaic systems in the building envelope and as shading elements.
  8. Recycling concepts to facilitate the separation of materials and for the recycling and disposal of hazardous materials.
  9. Windows and ventilation elements with electronic control for night cooling and protection against strong winds.
  10. Solar shading systems with improved Fc values and daylight control for integration into building automation (Smart Home) to protect against heat waves and reduce climate loads.
  11. Surface coatings that reduce the heating of materials to prevent heat damage to the material.
  12. Sustainability systems for material cycles ("Cradle to Cradle").
  13. Testing/measurement procedures/simulations to flexibly assess new requirements and increased loads (stationary and dynamic, in the laboratory and on site).
  14. Timber construction walls and lightweight wall constructions as mobile accommodation for flexible use in climatic disasters.


The concept and application documents can be found in the download area in the right column.



Elena Tarubarova (Organisation & Exhibitors)



Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg (Concept & Communication)




Concept & Application Bau2021 ift Special Show „Green Deal Building Envelope"

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