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Doors, Automatic Doors, Drive Units

Tests and Evidences under Building Law

ift Rosenheim is a notified body and admitted testing, certification and surveillance body by the construction supervising authority for doors, automatic doors and drive units. The high quality and acceptance of the evidences under building law of ift Rosenheim secure the recognition of the results for national approval, for approval of individual cases and for CE-marking throughout Europe.

In Germany and Europe, the fulfillment of the machinery directive 2006/42/EG is required by law in order to place these construction elements on the market, which the manufacturer confirms by means of the Declaration of Conformity. ift Rosenheim executes the necessary type-testing (design check) that leads to the CE-marking of the manufacturer.

For automatic door systems that are used in escape routes and/or smoke control/fire resistant doors, ift Rosenheim is accredited as an approved body by DIBt for surveillance of factory production.

The use of power-operated windows and doors requires often the test and evaluation of special requirements according to the intended purpose. Therefore, ift Rosenheim offers individual test programmes, e.g. determination of operating forces, or testing and evaluation of burglar resistant properties.

ift Rosenheim tests doors, automatic doors and drive units according to the following standards:

If you have for example questions regarding gate tests according to EN 13241-1 or door test, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send us an e-Mail or call us. We advise you comprehensively.

Test schemes

  • Test for windows and doors as condition for CE-marking

  • Test and evaluation of automatic door systems according to EN 14351-1, DIN 18650 and machinery directive

  • Test and evaluation of power-operated windows according to EN 14351-1, VFF Guidance Sheet KB 0.1 and machinery directive

  • Test and evaluation of drive units for power-operated windows and doors according to EN 14351-1 and/or DIN 18650

  • Test and evaluation of power-operated components according to BGR 232

  • Test and evaluation of automatic sliding doors in escape routs (AutSchR)

  • Test of electromagnetic compatibility of power-operated components and accessories

  • Determination of operating forces of power-operated components

  • Compilation of expert opinion and expert statements

  • Assistance at elaboration of risk analyses and/or risk assessment


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