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Test Laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 
(flexible according to Cat. I, II, III)


The Accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 ensures the international acceptance of the ift test certificates by institutions, authorities and others floating tenders.


In 1988, ift Rosenheim was one of the first accredited test laboratories in Germany – the first in accordance with the national standard DIN 45001 and since 2002, conforming to the new international standard "17025".


One of ift's special features for the benefit of their clients is the flexible accreditation that they enjoy − at all levels of competence (categories).

Thus, ift is in a position to respond to new standards and innovative client enquiries easily and expeditiously. In this way, even in case of test objects or test parameters that have not yet been analysed, new procedures or methods can be tested, introduced and offered promptly and without delay.


Explanation of the term "flexible"

  • The flexibility category „*" grants a laboratory the application of the test procedures listed in the certificate, with different release versions of the standards and without prior approval of the DAkkS.

  • The next higher category „** - a)" permits the lab to select standardised or equivalent test procedures independently without prior permission of the DAkkS.

  • The highest verification of competence is required for category „** - b)", which allows the lab − without prior permission of the DAkkS − to modify as well as undertake advanced and new development of test procedures.


The following provides an overview with the content of the test areas for which the DAkkS has confirmed that ift is competent to conduct the test:

For a detailed list of all accredited test procedures, please refer to the annexure of certificates, which is available for download (GER/EN). Profi Chat