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Calibration laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025


Since the time that the ift was founded, the testing technology has been linked to ift‘s own developments and the construction of test equipment. After many years of experience with the internal calibration of test and measuring equipment, ift has got the DAkkS to verify them for accreditation as a calibration lab according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 in 2012.


Apart from factory calibration certificates and ift calibration verification, the ift Calibration Laboratory can offer DAkkS calibration certificates to their clients based on their accreditation.

In addition to the traceability of the measurable parameters, the DAkkS calibration certificates guarantee worldwide acceptance in those countries whose accrediting institutions have signed the multilateral European and international agreements (EA/ILAC).

For more information on the accredited measurable parameters and possible measurement ranges, please refer to the annexure of certificates, which is available for download. Profi Chat