Wer stellt (zertifizierte) einbruchhemmende Produkte (Fenster, Türen, Gitter, Nachrüstsicherungen, Schutzbeschläge etc.) her?

Herstellerverzeichnisse liegen bei den örtlichen kriminalpolizeilichen Beratungsstellen aus.

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As of: 15.03.2013


The statements provide the professional opinion of ift Rosenheim and are not legally binding and can not be equated with a statement of a licensing or building authority.

Due to its Statute, ift Rosenheim has to observe the principles of neutrality and objectivity. Therefore, ift Rosenheim can only have a supporting role and the information can not replace individual planning or evaluation.

Any binding information can only be provided in combination with an on-site assessment which takes the object-specific influence factors into account.