New service in the ift fire lab

Simple, economical assembly and testing of small components with adapter frame 3x3 m

Datum: 23.03.2021

It is great that we have demanding clients who challenge us with their wishes, requirements and criticism. For some time now, the desire to make the testing of smaller components simpler has come up again and again. That is why we had ift-MessTec build an adapter frame with 3x3 metres. This allows small components to be easily, economically and flexibly assembled and then tested. This allows us to improve flexibility and speed for the clients.


Many clients also make full use of the possibilities of the 8x5 metre furnace and test several product variants in one test. Due to our many years of extensive testing experience, we are able to develop optimal solutions in the selection of test specimens and the development of the test plan.

The video documentation and especially the livestream during the test (incl. recordings in furnace) are very well received by the clients. In addition, ift Rosenheim offers to arrange an installation service for the professional and standard-compliant assembly of the test elements via specialised companies from the region, as well as a repair/maintenance service including adjustment work (with monitoring and instruction via video). This means that even ambitious deadline requests in the project business can be met despite the Corona restrictions.


Just give us a call or send us an email to clarify the details. We are at your side even in these difficult times!


Best regards,

Markus Egli (Head of Division ift Fire Test,  Member of Executive Board)


Anyke Aguirre Cano (Head of Testing Department Fire Protection)