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Determination of dynamic stiffness and testing of Part 1: Materials used under floating floors in dwellings according to EN 29052-1



EN 29052-1 - Determination of dynamic stiffness - Part 1: Materials used under floating floors in dwellings


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Field of application according to DIN EN 29052-1 (Chapter 1):

EN 29052-1 describes the test method of the determination of the dynamic stiffness of intumescent layers used under floating floors. The dynamic stiffnes is one of the parameters that define the sound insulation of such floor expansions in dwellings.


Requirements according to DIN EN 29052-1 (Chapter 5 and 7):

  • The test specimen is placed between two parallel surfaces, i.e. between the base (or the base plate) and the mass that presents the load. The surface-mounted panel has to be square with the dimensions (200 ± 3) mm x (200 ± 3) mm and made of steel. The base (or the base plate)
  • General
  • Sinusoidal signals
  • White noise or pulse signals


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