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Testing of Safety devices for power operated doors and gates according to EN 12978



EN 12978 - Safety devices for power operated doors and gates

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Scope according to EN 12978 (Chapter 1):

This standard applies for design, construction and testing of sensitive protective devices where the device is used to detect pedestrians including in particular applications, slow moving elderly persons, slow moving disabled persons and children who may be exposed to injury by power operated doors, gates and barriers, electrically  powered from a public supply and intended for installation in areas in the reach of persons, and for which the main intended uses are giving safe access for goods and vehicles accompanied or driven by persons in industrial, commercial, public or residential premises.

Requirements according to DIN EN 12978 (Chapter 4):

  • Environmental conditions
  • Power supply
  • Electrical equipment
  • Functional requirements
  • Adjustments
  • Fixing of safety devices
  • Additional requirements for pressure sensitive protective equipment
  • Additional requirements for electro sensitive protective equipment



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