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Testing of smoke and heat control systems - Part 1: Specification for smoke barriers according to EN 12101-1



EN 12101-1 - Smoke and heat control systems - Part 1: Specification for smoke barriers

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Scope according to EN 12101:

This European standard specifies the product performance requirements, classifications and test  methods for smoke barriers, which comprise the barrier itself, with or without associated activation  and drive devices, designed for use in smoke and heat control systems. It covers only barriers  installed in buildings, i.e. it does not cover barriers made of part of the building’s structure. This  standard provides the test methods for, and evaluation of conformity of, the smoke barrier systems.

Product requirements according to EN 12101:

  • General
  • Barrier types
  • Auxiliary power supply
  • Smoke (fire effluent) leakage
  • Reliability
  • Response time

Performance requirements and classifications according to EN 12101-1:

  • General
  • Temperature/time classification
  • Reliability and durability of smoke barriers
  • Response time of active smoke barriers
  • Smoke leakage (containment efficiency)



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