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Testing of smoke control doors according to DIN 18095-1



DIN 18095-1 - Smoke control doors

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Scope according to DIN 18095-1 (Chapter 1):

This standard contains the material-neutral specifications for smoke control doors. Smoke control doors that correspond to the specifications of this standard are suitable to impede spreading smoke in the building.

Requirements according to DIN 18095-1 (Chapter 4):

  • All parts of the smoke control door have to be coordinated by the manufacturer
  • Each smoke control door must be tested and has to fulfill all mentioned specifications
  • Self-closing mechanism of smoke control doors
  • Self-closing mechanism can only disabled with hold-open systems whose usability is proven.
  • Smoke control doors in generally accessible areas shall not have lower rebates or thresholds, except for half-round thresholds with a circle-formed cross section
  • Doors have to resist a durability test
  • During testing at a pressure difference of 0 - 50 Pa, the leakage rate must be between 9 and 30 ma/h at room temperature as well as at test temperature, depending on door type
  • Opening without restraint has to be guaranteed at double leaf smoke control doors
  • Parts relevant for the function of the door have to be made of substances that do not affect the function of the smoke control door upt to 200 °C.
  • Smoke control doors have to be opened without equipment directly after the penetration test
  • Connectors of smoke control doors have to be installed professionally, so that they are permanently tight
  • Tightness of the doors in higher storey heights may not be affected by the deformation of the door frame



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