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ifz info CE-06/1 ‘The CE-mark’ (withdrawn)

The ifz info CE-06/1 “The CE-mark” was withdrawn, as the German association of window and facade manufacturers, Frankfurt (VFF) in cooperation with ift Rosenheim has revised the guidance sheet CE-02 ‘Guidance on Declaration of Performance and CE marking of windows and external pedestrian doorsets according to the CPR’ and replaced the ifz info.


The Guidance sheet CE.02 contains all relevant information regarding the Declaration of Performance and the CE-marking. The latest version is dated December 2014 and is available here
The below mentioned rights of use and reproduction rights for ifz-members do not apply as this is a guidance sheet of VFF and not an ifz info.


Download: ifz info CE-06/1 ‘The CE-mark’ (withdrawn)"

ifz info FE-12/1 ‘The appropriate windows and doors for my house’

The appropriate windows and doors for my house - Basic issues and sources for proper tenders

Whether refurbishment or new building: Building element as windows and external doors are an important part for function and design of the building. Each building owner needs to consider which component is the right one for his house. The selection of the window comply with the specifications and the personal preferences.

When selecting the window, the owner faces a various amount of technical parameters, material, implementation details and extras. In order to get comparable and complete quotations, a useful preselection must be made in form of an invitation to tenders. This ifz info contains a few considerations that needs to be kept in mind when selecting windows.

Download: ifz info FE-12/1 ‘The appropriate windows and doors for my house’"

ifz info SA-04/1 ‘Window exchange- why and wherefore?’

13 tips on practice-oriented reconstruction

In view of the raw material shortage and the constantly rising energy costs, the desire arises to reduse the thermal losses within one's own four walls and thus to relieve the environment and save money.

In addition, when is the need of improvement measures on the component window necessary and/or an urgent need. Is it enough to exchange the glazing or should the windows exchanged completely? What has to be taken into consideration with improvement measures? Hence, what costs the imporvement measures?

This ifz info should give private building owner answers to frequently asked questions and help to evaluate own windows and to choose suitable improvement measures. The ifz info gives references to support measures and mentions supporting online help.

Download: ifz info SA-04/1 ‘Window exchange- why and wherefore?’"

Legal note: ifz-members get the rights of use and reproduction rights for this ifh information (publication on websites, lectures, promotional literature, etc.). Otherwise, it is not permitted to reprint or reproduce the preparation or part of it withouth the explicit approval of ifz Rosenheim. No claims can be derived from the publication.