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Complaints & Objection


Complaint Management

Customer information on the appeal and opposition procedure of ift Rosenheim regarding testing, calibration, inspection or certification.


Every customer of ift Rosenheim has the opportunity to complain regarding a service provided by ift Rosenheim, regardless of whether it concerns a technical statement / decision, an invoice or any other unreasonable condition. We accepted any type of complaint, e.g. via our webform "Customer Feedback", by letter, e-mail, by phone or in person. The individual facts are checked by us and we judge whether we behave fairly and have complied with our contractual or other obligations. We will treat your request objectively and analyze any collected and necessary information received. The receipt of a complaint or an objection is confirmed by the ift in writing, usually within 3 working days.


A complaint will be considered an appeal if it relates to at least one of the following:

  • The refusal to continue certification,
  • Desire for corrective action,
  • Changes / restrictions of the certificate validity range,
  • Decisions to refuse, suspend or withdraw certification,
  • Result of a test, calibration or certification,
  • Conformity statement for a test / calibration


The following definitions apply to the procedure:

  • Decisions are made by staff who are knowledgeable and independent of the procedure (subject of the complaint / objection) in order to avoid any conflict of interest in the processing.
  • After processing and analyzing a complaint / objection by the respective ift division, you will receive a reasoned statement and, in the case of a legitimate objection, a revision of the original statement / decision and possibly documentation.
  • If you as the objector are not satisfied with the opinion and the revision that may have taken place or have not been made and if they again inform the ift, an independent ift internal committee will be involved in the review and opinion, which will include at least the director of the institute, the management and the QMB.
  • Should this also fail to reach an agreement between the ift and the appellant, an external body made up of representatives of the private sector, consumers and authorities can arbitrate in the next instance between arbitrator and ift.
  • If no agreement is possible despite the involvement of this external arbitration board, the appellant is free to inform the relevant authorities and / or the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS).


Even as a non-ift customer whose application for certification has been rejected, you have the right to appeal against this decision. Each Complainant / Opponent will receive a final answer from us after complete processing.




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