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Various additional verifications are required for construction products. These may be required, for example, for the certification of a building. Furthermore, the carbon footprint has been established as the standard instrument for the specification of carbon dioxide emissions for products


Preparation of a CO2 footprint for products

The CO2 footprint illustrates the CO2 consumption for products or services over a certain life cycle. We create a product carbon footprint for you in accordance with the approved standards. You may use it for marketing purposes, for example by affixing the footprint on your construction product as a label or printing it in your brochures.


Preparation of a CO2 footprint for companies

The CO2 footprint is an important indicator not only at the product level, but also at the corporate level. Thus, the energy consumption of the company is used to illustrate its CO2 equivalent. Benchmarking with other companies is facilitated in this manner. Moreover, the CO2 value can be communicated externally. ift confirms the CO2 value with the help of a neutral test.



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