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TMP window system SOFTLINE 76AD with innovative IPS technology and the glazing system HALIO

The TMP window system SOFTLINE 76AD with innovative IPS technology and the glazing system HALIO

Product Description


  • SOFTLINE 76AD – convincing down to the last detail. With its versatile design possibilities, reliable stability and high thermal insulation, our system is the perfect balance between energy and cost efficiency.

Glazing System HALIO:

  • Halio delivers unprecedented control over penetrating natural light. In its clear state, Halio looks like ordinary glass and has a perfectly neutral and transparent aspect with a color rendering index of 97%, allows a maximum of natural light in our spaces. In its dark state, it takes on neutral grey shades. Halio is the only system that transitions from a clear to a dark tint, in a smooth and uniform manner in less than 3 minutes.

IPS Technology:

  • The visionary future-oriented concept unlocks the potential of wireless data exchange for the window industry. All relevant data can be stored directly on the product and read out as required, for example for accounting processes or services individually tailored to the customer's needs.
  • IPS is based on a simple yet elegant principle: the processor provides the profile with a chip bearing a unique ID. Using this ID, the smartphone can be used to store and retrieve a wide range of data in a digital product memory, e. g. date of manufacture, installation situation, profile system, glazing, links with test certificates and CE marking, details of customer history.


Product advantages


  • Wide range of design options with more than 50 colour and decor variants, aluminium cover plate and the new surface refinement VEKA SPECTRAL
  • System with multi-chamber geometry
  • Energy and cost efficiency in a new balance
  • First-class living comfort due to excellent thermal insulation and effective sound insulation
  • High watertightness protects against penetrating moisture
  • Burglar resistance according to DIN EN 1627 up to resistance class RC2
  • Ideal for new buildings and refurbishment
  • Effective thermal insulation in accordance with current and foreseeable legal requirements saves energy and heating costs and ensures long-term investment security
  • Insulation value profile system: Uf= 1.2 W/(m²K)
  • Insulation values for the window up to Uw= 0.8 W/(m²K) (depending on glazing)
  • glazing rebate of 28mm for optimised temperature profiles and to avoid condensate formation
  • Wide range of glazing from 18 to 48 mm pane thickness enables glazing for window frames and casement frames according to individual requirements


Glazing System HALIO:

  • Simply beautiful: glass facade without additional elements (solar shadings,…), allowing the building to remain connected with the environment providing free outside view.
  • The ultimate in comfort:  visual comfort (glare reduction thanks to light management), thermal comfort (optimization of heat inside the building), acoustic comfort (silent transition).
  • Responsive to your needs: Halio can transition from its most transparent to its darkest state in less than 3 minutes. And the transition itself is detectable within 20 seconds. Best of all, Halio’s transition can be interrupted at any point to assume any intermediary level of transparency.
  • Intelligent and connected design: Halio is a complete solution including glass, control system, and dedicated algorithms allowing the system to adapt to buildings and occupants specific needs. Connectivity to a cloud platform enables real time monitoring for responsive maintenance while providing maximum security.


IPS Technology

  • Digital product memory - the window handles all documentation
  • Transparency and traceability - Information over the entire product lifecycle is stored in one place and available at all times
  • Efficient data processing - required data can be read in quickly and transferred directly into accounting processes, for example
  • Value added generation - special information makes it possible to offer customer-specific services
  • Security for assemblers and planners - product-specific documents can be easily downloaded, e. g. fire protection certificates, system passport, U-value calculation


Electronic Components

  • Glazing System HALIO: Cloud connected system | Control system : keypad, voice control, Halio mobile app | Sensors (weather station, temperature, light) | Interfaces to major BMS suppliers (Google, Amazon, KNX)
  • IPS Technology: NFC Chip

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