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Teckentrup Industrial Sectional Doors SW 40

Teckentrup Industrial Sectional Doors SW 40 provide a safe and stable closure, reach high insulation values and their various design options allow optimal blending into miscellaneous buildings.

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Product Description

Installation of an industrial sectional door is the most common way of closing outside openings in industrial buildings. However, areas of application are also rescue centres, logistic centres, warehouses, fire department bases or workshops.

Features of exhibited object:

  • Access control via electronic strike – advantages: facilitate remote openings or access via respective transponders
  • Status control by bolt contact – advantages: eases the status display, door open/closed
  • Safety: reed contact as to control whether the wicket door is open or closed, query occurs before door opening
  • Leading photocell – mounted onto the door and discovers obstacles before contact
  • Electronic shoot bolt  – advantage: for safe door closing by providing additional opening resistance
  • Additional protection from uncontrolled falling of the door thanks to electrically-controlled spring break device – mandatory according to DIN EN 13241

Product Advantages

  • Huge design variety – choose from various surfaces, designs and glazings
  • Wicket door with low threshold – The nearly flush wicket door of our sectional doors shows an extremely low threshold. 23mm allow unhindered passage for any trolley.
  • Comfortable operation – Drive and control systems are optimally coordinated, can be mounted and programmed easily. Hand-operated doors are factory preset for electric drives and may easily be upgraded.
  • Intelligent heat insulation – The standard lateral frame seal provides safe, thermal closure in the transition zone between frame and wall connection. This increases the door's thermal insulation performance and saves energy and costs.

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    Fire department with Teckentrup Sectional Doors

    Fire department with Teckentrup Sectional Doors

    Industrial Sectional Doors by Teckentrup

    Industrial Sectional Doors by Teckentrup