SYSPA Gebäudesystemtechnik GmbH

System integration

System integration for cross-system building technology, services in the smart home / smart building sector

Product Description

A SmartHome / Smart Building is characterized by the networking of a wide variety of technical systems, resulting in tangible added value in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and safety. A decisive aspect for the functioning of a cross-system building technology is well thought-out planning, combined with a professional implementation. This requires knowledge of the individual trades, their interplay and the interfaces available to each other. As the execution is usually distributed among different companies, a coordinating body is required to accompany the planning and execution. In addition to these activities, parameterization and commissioning as well as linking to a functioning overall system is the central task of a system integrator.

As a specialized service provider for system integration in building technology, SYSPA Gebäudesystemtechnik GmbH offers all these services.

Product Advantages

  • A manufacturer-neutral and product-neutral advice and planning lead to an optimal cost / benefit ratio for the investor or client.
  • From the planning and the execution phase to the utilization phase, a contact person is available who has knowledge of the individual trades and their interaction. Functional changes, error analyzes or enhancements can thus take place via a common contact point.
  • Instead of many small isolated solutions, which in the end communicate only in a makeshift way or not at all, a sophisticated and efficient overall system is created right from the start.
  • The operator receives a uniform user interface for the operation, display and analysis of the technical equipment.

  • Electronic Components

  • lighting controls, sunshade controls, heating control
  • Safety technology and fault message management
  • Energy and load management, photovoltaics and electromobility
  • Multimedia and entertainment, intelligent home appliances
  • Internet of Things, voice control systems

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