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WinSLT, WinIso® and GlasGlobal

WinIso®: ®: Calculating heat flows, thermal bridges, isotherms and Uf-values according to EN ISO 10077-2:2017.

GlasGlobal: Structural analysis according to DIN 18008 part 1-5.

WinSLT: Berechnung von Solarstrahlung, Lichttransmission und Temperaturen in Verglasungen.

Product Description

WinIso®: Software for calculation of heat flows, thermal bridges, isotherms, Psi- and Uf-values according to EN ISO 10077-2:2017. Highly automated geometry processing of CAD files, new solver and calculating enginge with automated FEM-mesh generation  and calculation according to „Radiosity-Model“ and equivalent thermal conductivity.


GlasGlobal: software to calculate the structural analysis for glass according to German standard DIN 18008 part 1 – 5. Calculation of horizontal, vertical, barrier/fall proof, point fixed and walk-on glazings. Maximum values of the deflection and tension of  single and multiple glazing with loads regarding to European standard EN 1991-1.


WinSLT: software for calculating values for solar radiation and temperatures of glazings combined with sun or heat protection. Calculation of Ug- and g-values. WinSLT is validated by ift Rosenheim and generates the declaration of performance and the CE certificate of the glazing.

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WinISO in use

WinISO in use

WinSLT in der Anwendung

WinSLT in der Anwendung