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Easy-access Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart aluminium door system with automation solutions

The Schüco door series combines outstanding thermal insulation properties with a high degree of stability and efficient fabrication.

Product Description

The Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart door series is a highly flexible door system for all customer requirements, with a core basic depth of 75 mm. Easy access to residential and commercial buildings is possible thanks to innovative and convenient Schüco automation solutions such as the Schüco Door Control System (DCS) access module, the Schüco BlueCon Bluetooth system and Schüco Fingerprint Easy. The automation systems are easy to configure and operate, and blend in harmoniously with the overall appearance thanks to their elegant and timeless design.

Product Advantages

  • Highly thermally insulated ADS 75 SimplySmart aluminium door with Uf value of 1.6 W/(m²K)
  • ADS 75 SimplySmart door plus touch bar with electric locking and side-hung door drive for easy-access entrances subject to frequent use
  • Schüco DCS: One system, many application options: 1. Door communication with video camera, loudspeaker, microphone and three call buttons, 2. Access control with code keypad and intercom station, 3. Emergency exit control with proximity switch, code keypad, emergency button and sign
  • Schüco BlueCon: Keyless access thanks to smartphone connection. With Schüco BlueCon, users no longer need conventional front door keys; the door’s lock can be operated simply by using the app. The module, which is concealed in the door rebate, checks access authorisation when a person approaches the door. Convenient and easy-access.
  • Schüco Fingerprint Easy: Secure, highly convenient access system with very simple operation, assembly and disassembly. The robust system, which is easy to configure and operate, boasts an elegant and timeless design and is designed for flush-fitted installation in internal and external doors.

  • Electronic Components

  • One barrel hinge for all applications: With clamping anchor technology and enhanced adjustment options for simple and timesaving installation
  • Hybrid insulating bar: high stability properties in conjunction with split insulating bar minimise the bimetallic effect
  • Construction principle for all basic depths and maximum use of identical parts guarantee professional, reliable fabrication
  • Fittings groove for efficient fabrication of all fittings components

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